As you make your way down the Christmas list of gift ideas for all the people you care about, we want to make sure you’re on it!

At Times Square Dental, we believe you deserve to have a gorgeous smile that makes you look and feel amazing this holiday season.

That’s why we’re talking about the ways you can give yourself the gift of cosmetic dentistry!

Why Does Your Smile Need The Gift Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

You want your smile to be healthy, and you want it to look great. But what are the other benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

-When you know you look beautiful, you feel more self-confident.

-Making a good first impression is much easier when you flash a beautiful smile.

-You’ll look like you take good care of yourself, which is an attractive quality.

-Cosmetic dentistry can also help your mouth get and stay healthy.

These are all great reasons to give yourself the gift of cosmetic dentistry this year. You can relax and enjoy yourself knowing you have a smile that looks amazing.

What Gifts Can Cosmetic Dentistry Give Your Smile?

This holiday season, you can give your smile the gift of cosmetic dentistry in a variety of ways at Times Square Dental.

Get A Smooth, Glossy Smile

Tooth bonding is an affordable way to smooth over tiny imperfections on the surface of your teeth. Using a composite material that matches the color of your teeth, Dr. Hastings can cover up dents, dings, and ridges on your enamel without making any modifications at all to your teeth first.

He then polishes the resin for an overall smoother, brighter smile!

Get A Whiter Smile

Teeth stains are a very common source of embarrassment for patients. We hear all the time about the creative lengths people go to in an effort to hide a dull, dingy smile, especially at a busy time of year like the holidays.

With teeth whitening treatment, you not only remove dark surface stains, but you give yourself a great boost of confidence so you can enjoy the holiday social season looking great!

Get A Brighter, Flawless Smile

Dental veneers are a powerful cosmetic solution! That’s all thanks to their versatility. On one hand, veneers can hide the flaws that make you feel insecure about your smile. On the other, their strength and durability can keep your teeth protected for decades.

Using these wafer-thin shells, Dr. Hastings can hide various types of damage on your teeth’s surface like chips and cracks, close gaps between your teeth, and change the landscape of your top or bottom teeth by covering wear and tear.

Veneers are a lasting, stain-resistant solution for an unsightly smile!

Get A Balanced Smile

A gummy smile is when your gums get all the attention. That’s because extra gum tissue covers more of your teeth and make them look smaller. It can be an embarrassing smile problem, but one that has a solution at Times Square Dental!

With our advanced Ellman Surgitron system, we can artfully and gently move your gumline up so that more of your teeth show. This technology makes gum reshaping more comfortable and healing much faster, resulting in a beautifully balanced smile.

Get Your Dream Smile

Dr. Hastings or Dr. Dial can design the right order of cosmetic treatments to completely makeover your smile in our Boise, ID dental office! Combine two or more procedures and line them up in an efficient order, and the result is your dream smile made real.

What better gift could you give yourself than a healthy, beautiful smile? You can relax and enjoy yourself during the holiday parties or just while lounging around the house! An attractive smile that makes you feel good about yourself is the gift that keeps on giving!

Give Yourself The Gift Of Cosmetic Dentistry!

You go to great lengths every holiday season to make sure everyone in your life gets what they asked for. You make your list and check it twice. But something always seems to be missing from it.

You! This year, why not give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile? With cosmetic dentistry at Times Square Dental, your smile can be everything you want it to be.

Whether you’re just looking to whiten your teeth a few shades or totally makeover your smile, the boost in confidence is something you can carry around in style this season and many more to come.

Get the smile you deserve with the gift of cosmetic dentistry. Call us today at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule a consultation.