It’s here! This year’s naughty and nice list is out, courtesy of our team at Times Square Dental! We want you to enjoy the holidays without worrying about what all the added sugar might be doing to your smile.

Take a look at which holiday treats made the cut this year, and which ones you may need to cut for the sake of your oral health!

Holiday Treats That Are Naughty For Your Teeth

Here is our list of holiday treats that are a bit naughty for your oral heath.



-Candy Canes




While these may come as no surprise, it might be worthy of further explanation!

The biggest problem with these foods and drinks is high sugar content. Too much sugar is bad for your teeth. That’s because bacteria that live in your mouth love to eat all the sugar left behind, which creates harmful acids that attack your teeth and gums.

Aside from being loaded with sugar, some items on the list have other qualities working against them. The stickiness of caramel, toffee, marshmallows, and the candied fruit in fruitcake can get stuck to your teeth long after you’ve eaten. This only gives bacteria more time to enjoy its own holiday feast.

Even candy that isn’t sticky can hurt your teeth. Candy canes are hard, which puts you at risk for dental injury. Not only could you wear your teeth over time, but you could bite down the wrong way and break a tooth. 

Eggnog contains alcohol, so even if the sugar doesn’t harm your teeth, too much of it can cause dehydration. This leaves your enamel vulnerable because it won’t have the necessary layer of protection it gets from your saliva.

Holiday Treats That Are Nice For Your Smile

Take a look at our nice list and see if any of your favorites made the cut!


-Deviled Eggs

-Raw Veggies

-Hard Cheese


Each food on our nice list brings something special to your holiday smile.

Imagine you’re at a relative’s house for one of your many Christmas parties. One of the first things that might catch your eye is a table near the entryway that holds a decorative bowl filled with an assortment of nuts.

You can snack on nuts guilt-free for a couple of reasons. They’re low in carbohydrates, so they’re a diet-friendly option. Also, nuts contain plenty of protein, which your teeth need to be strong. Finally, nuts are crunchy, which means eating them will promote saliva production and give your enamel plenty of extra protection against harmful acids.

Your holiday plate will no doubt carry a deviled egg or two, which your mouth will appreciate! They’re delicious, for one thing. Deviled eggs also have lots of vitamin D and protein, both of which keep your teeth and gums healthy!

Next on our nice list are two foods widely shared on holiday buffet tables across the country. Veggie and cheese trays are usually sitting out for guests to munch on before everyone sits down for Christmas dinner. Snacking on raw vegetables and dip, as well as hard cheeses, is a great way to curb your appetite so you don’t overdo it at dinner.

Vegetables and cheese are also wonderful for your oral health. Raw veggies give your enamel the same kind of salivary protection that nuts do, and they’re packed full of nutrients. Cheese is loaded calcium. Together, veggies and hard cheeses contain essential vitamins and nutrients for strong bones, healthy teeth, and as a bonus, both work to scrub your teeth as you eat them!

Finally, carve the turkey and enjoy its juicy goodness because of the protein it contains for strong, healthy teeth and gums. Just be careful of any bones that might still be mixed in so you don’t bite down the wrong way and injure a tooth!

Be Nice To Your Smile This Year!

We all go through the same thing around the holidays. We give ourselves permission to enjoy foods and drinks we love but stay away from for most of the year. That’s because we know that in a few weeks, we ring in a new year and a fresh start.

You might have plans to get your diet back on track and to hit the gym once the holidays are over. But don’t forget to keep a healthy, beautiful smile on your list of New Year’s resolutions!

After the serving dishes have all been emptied, remember to call Times Square Dental to schedule your first dental cleaning and exam of the new year. Dr. Hastings and our skilled hygienists will make sure you came out of the festive season of sugary delight still on track for good oral health.

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