If you like a good bargain, you’ve probably already done your homework about where to find the best Black Friday deals. Maybe you’re even one of those hard core coupon clippers who camps out on Thanksgiving night waiting for the doorbuster sales on the hottest new gadget.

To get the most bang for your buck on Black Friday, you can’t just wing it. You really have to know your stuff! Our hats off to anyone who stays on top of all the tricks for navigating the craziest shopping day of the year!

Our team at Times Square Dental wants you to know you can actually save more than just money this year. We encourage you to channel some of that Black Friday energy to another reason to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving.

It’s National Flossing Day! That’s right, a day devoted to better oral habits and better oral health in the fight against gum disease.

Today’s blog will help you revisit your own oral hygiene routine and let you know how you can rededicate yourself to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile!

Revisit Your Oral Hygiene Routine

You’re probably already doing your part with an oral hygiene routine at home. That means you brush your teeth every day and use dental floss to clean between your teeth.

But the best defense against gum disease in terms of your daily oral hygiene habits involves some important details we want to make sure you don’t overlook.

For instance, did you know the American Dental Association recommends brushing twice each day? You probably did. But do you know how long you should be brushing each time?

According to the ADA, it’s two minutes each time. If you can remember the Two for Two rule, it’ll be easier to maintain that best practice consistently. It’s also helpful to keep a timer in your bathroom or to use a smartphone app to time your daily brushing!

Now for the star of today’s blog: flossing!

Surprisingly, only one out of five adults in this country admit to flossing everyday. This is pretty staggering considering the dangers of gum disease that recent studies have revealed. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes, and that’s certainly not the complete list of health risks tied to your oral health!

So if you haven’t been flossing at least once a day, now’s the perfect time to recommit to better oral health and grab some dental floss STAT!

Celebrate National Flossing Day!

Although you might consider flossing everyday a chore, you actually have a lot more flexibility with this oral hygiene must than you know!

We’re not talking about technique. The point of flossing is to get all those tiny food particles and plaque buildup out from between your teeth. That’s not a duty you can neglect if you want healthy teeth and gums.

What we’re talking about is flexibility with the tools you use to accomplish this meticulous task. You can actually choose any kind of dental floss that you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s waxed or unwaxed, thick or thin, or if it’s flavored with cool, fresh mint or not at all.

The point is that you’re able to get those hard to reach places. You can do that with standard dental floss, flossers, interdental brushes, or water picks. Whichever tool you find most user-friendly and effective, have at it!

All that matters is that you’re keeping the areas between your teeth and around your gumline clear of debris that harmful bacteria would gladly feed on if given the chance!

Join The Celebration In Boise, ID!

This year, as you’re hopping from store to store, grabbing those Black Friday bargains, take a moment to grab some dental floss, too! You can achieve good oral health with a dedication to good dental habits and regular visits to Times Square Dental!

Join us as we celebrate National Flossing Day and good oral health by scheduling your next routine cleaning and exam in our Boise, ID dental office!

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