If you have special plans with your Valentine, make sure you’re able to greet your sweetheart with fresh, clean breath!

Dr. Hastings and our team at Times Square Dental offer breath treatment in our Boise, ID dental office so you can feel relaxed and confident while up close and personal with your special someone!

Who Invited Halitosis?!

So what makes halitosis think it’s welcome to tag along on your special date night anyway?! Well, here are some common causes your breath to go from fresh to foul!

*Bacteria Invites Bad Breath

We all have bacteria in our mouths, both good and bad. It’s the bad kind that chomps on sugary leftovers from everything you take in, so keeping that ingredient to a minimum will not only keep your breath fresher, but it will keep your teeth and gums stronger and healthier.

*Dehydration Brings Its Buddy, Bad Breath, Along

Saliva washes away food particles in your mouth and coats your enamel to protect it from erosion.

Without it, your mouth becomes dry and sticky, and your breath becomes stinky! Stay well hydrated on Valentine’s Day and every day!

*Some Aromatic Food Acts Like A Smelly, Scorned Ex Later

You already know that food and drinks play a big role in the state of your breath. So on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to avoid some of those common culprits like garlic, onions, coffee, alcohol, spiced meat, and strong cheeses.

*Halitosis Is A Favorite Sidekick Of Poor Health

If you have a cold, sinus infection, or other respiratory illness, it could make your breath smell pretty bad. But at least that’s only a temporary problem, right?

But there are other health problems and prescription medications that can contribute to the way your breath smells.

Talk to one of our dentists about any medications you’re currently taking so they can narrow down the real cause of your halitosis.

Say Hello To Your Valentine With Fresh Breath!

Even with breath treatment, there are plenty of ways you can help your mouth stay fresh and clean throughout the day.

By keeping these helpful tips on Valentine’s Day, your special evening can be a romantic success!

*Don’t Skip Out On Oral Hygiene

This isn’t something you can skip on any day of the year. One of the leading causes of bad breath is poor oral hygiene.

Without daily brushing and flossing, no amount of breath mints will be enough to mask the odors in your mouth!

*Carry Travel-Size Mouthwash On Date Night

It’s not a bad idea to carry a travel-size bottle of mouthwash with you on your date. A quick trip to the restroom after your meal to swish some minty mouthwash will help freshen your breath for that goodnight kiss!

*Keep Your Tongue Clean

Don’t neglect your tongue when you brush your teeth. It tends to collect stinky residue from what you eat and drink during the day, so invest in a tongue scraper or be sure to brush your tongue for added protection against halitosis.

*Choose Breath-Friendly Foods At Dinner

Instead of food and drinks that are especially odorous, scan the menu for more breath-friendly goodies.

Fresh fruits and veggies that are crispy and crunchy will keep your saliva flowing and your mouth nice and kissably moist for cleaner, fresher breath all evening long.

*Carry Sugarless Breath Fresheners

You can find them in almost anyone’s purse or pocket.

Breath fresheners are the tried and true method for keeping bad breath at bay all through the day.

But the mistake many people make with breath drops, strips, chewing gum, and breath mints is ignoring the sugar content of these products. Sugar can make your breath worse because it’s a favorite food of bad bacteria.

Pay attention to the contents of your breath fresheners, and choose sugarless options to keep your mouth minty fresh!

Schedule A Teeth Whitening Treatment!

As your romantic evening draws to a close, you want to feel comfortable and confident enough to share a kiss with your Valentine. If you don’t have fresh, clean breath, your confidence will be zapped faster than Cupid’s arrow!

Make sure you get breath treatment from our trusted dentists at Times Square Dental before Valentine’s Day!

We can find a solution that works for you so that romantic moments with your sweetheart aren’t spoiled by bad breath.

Call our Boise, ID dental office today at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment for breath treatment.