Most of the time, fear is a healthy emotion that keeps you from doing things that put you in harm’s way. Rather than walk down a dark alley alone late at night, you think maybe it’s a better idea to stay on a more public, well-lit path.

Thank goodness for instinct, right?

But when fear becomes irrational and keeps you from participating in life’s important events or from taking proper care of yourself, that’s when it’s time to do something about it.

Your oral health is intimately linked to your total body health.

This is why our team at Times Square Dental wants to help you get over your dental anxiety and regain control of your health this year.

We’re starting with today’s blog that explains where your fear of the dentist may be coming from and our sedation dentistry in our Boise, ID office can help you overcome it!

Start By Figuring Out The Cause Of Your Anxiety

As important as it is to allow a dental professional to clean and exam your mouth twice a year, it feels like an impossible feat for someone with dental anxiety.

The sad thing is that millions of people feel this way.

Here are some common reasons why:

*Past Dental Trauma*

One of the most common reasons adults are too afraid to go to the dentist is because they’re still traumatized by bad dental appointments from their childhood.

Who would want to go back to the dentist if the only memories they have of dental care are scary and painful?!

*Problems With Control*

Adults sometimes feel uneasy at the dentist because they’re busy parents and professionals who find sitting still or not being the one in control really uncomfortable. It’s not rooted in an actual fear of dental treatment so much as it is an unsettling feeling of handing over the reigns for a bit.  

*Too Much Time Has Passed*

Maybe your fears about dental care didn’t start out so bad, but you’ve stayed out of the dentist office long enough that now, it just feels like too much time has passed for you to feel comfortable going back.

Without knowing about all the ways dentistry has changed in the last few years, you’re going to create a monster in your mind about what the dentist and hygienist have in store for you, which is perfectly understandable.

At Times Square Dental, though, you’ll find you have no reason to feel this way.

*The Stories You Hear*

There’s a reason we love going to the movies, watching TV shows, and reading books.

It’s because stories have the power to pull us out of our own reality and let us exist in another time and place.

But that’s not necessarily a good thing if what you’ve heard about the dentist office is always negative. Friends and family members sharing their own dental horror stories could be enough to keep you from making routine appointments.

Regain Control Of Your Health With Dental Sedation

If you’re like most people, when you’re afraid of something, you feel tempted to simply avoid it rather than face it.

While a lucky few might be able to convince themselves to tough things out and just do whatever it is they dread, you feel like that’s just not possible.

Some level of fear can certainly be healthy, but fear that keeps you from doing things you know are good for you, like going to the dentist for routine cleanings and exams, surely isn’t.

It controls you.

And as a result, it controls your health.

This is why our team at Times Square Dental is so dedicated to your comfort. We know how important it is that you feel safe and confident enough to get the professional dental care you need to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

It’s that reason that you’ll find sedation dentistry and comfort options in our Boise, ID dental office.

*Your Options Are Inhaled, Oral, or IV Sedation*

You’ve probably heard of inhaled sedation, only it’s commonly called laughing gas. This is a mild relaxation intervention that’s safe and effective for all ages that starts working and wears off immediately.

For more intense anxiety, you can choose between oral or IV sedation, a decision Dr. Hastings or Dr. Dial can help you make depending on your treatment needs.

Of all the innovations in modern dentistry, the growing trend among dentists relying on sedation to help ease the nerves of fearful patients has been among the most significant.

That’s because millions of people now have an opportunity to get the dental treatment they desperately need, and thus, completely turn their oral health around.

We also offer wall-mounted TV’s in our rooms so you can distract yourself with your favorite programs!

All you have to do is ask one of our caring team members when you need a break or more help feeling comfortable, calm, and relaxed.

Choose Better Oral Health Today!

You have the power to turn your oral health around.

With sedation in our Boise, ID dental office, you don’t have to let fear control you or your smile anymore!

Choose better oral health today. Call Times Square Dental at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.