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I had crowns previously, but with age those things deteriorate. I had to have some new crowns put on. He made a different suggestion to me in reducing what I had and going with a different type of a crown. It has been the best. He’s done quite a bit of restoration in my mouth. I wear some new teeth here and there, and perfectly satisfied. He’s a kind individual. Believe me, there’s been a couple of instances when I think he was a bit concerned and so was I, but he takes the time to call you in the evening and see how you’re doing. His manner is wonderful. I have no problems from Dr. Hastings nor his help. They’ve all been nothing but kind to me, accommodating, and yes, when he has to do some deeper, more extensive work, he is the most painless person and so attentive to me. The level of care would be excellent. I have never had anything to disagree with that.