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I actually came because I have some issues with one of my molars and I had to have a root canal and a crown done, which led to actually a few other pieces of major dental work that I had to have done as well, so some additional crowns and some root canals. For me, I think anytime you have to have dental work or any medical work it’s always kind of anxiety-ridden because you don’t know what to expect. It’s sometimes expensive and it can be painful.
My experience with Dr. Hastings has been awesome. I don’t think I’ve really ever experienced any dissatisfaction in the clinic at all. I think that he has done a great job of making sure that I’m pain free through all of the work that I’ve had done and he’s always been really great at educating me on how to move forward, what the best path forward is, giving me different options to work with, and then also educating me on how to make sure that I’m taking care of my teeth so that I don’t have issues like this in the future.
He does a really good job of checking in on me, you know, asking a lot of questions to make sure that I don’t have any pain, that I’m doing okay consistently. He always does a good job of engaging me or maybe distracting me from the actual work that’s being done, whether that be conversation or maybe even just talking me through the process and letting me know what’s going on, which is really important because I think it’s really easy to sit in a chair and have some work being done when you really can’t talk, for obvious reasons, and not know what’s good exactly what’s going on but Dr. Hastings always does a good job of keeping me informed.
My sister-in-law actually works for another dentist clinic so I could easily probably go visit a clinic that she works in because she has a relationship with the dentist there, but I’m so comfortable with Dr. Hastings that I actually have pitched it. As I said before, I’ve got a few family members that do come see Dr. Hastings largely because I think Dr. Hastings is straightforward. I think he’s honest. He’s friendly and he’s approachable, and above all he does really great work.