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I came here for the implant because we were eating dinner at a friend’s house and I bit down on a piece of bone and I broke my tooth in half. It didn’t break it in a way that I had to call for an emergency and have Doctor Hastings meet me or anything like that, although I know he would’ve. But I did wait till the following Monday and I was able to get right in and that’s when we went over the options of what I could do. The implant was the option that I chose. The process went really swiftly.
It took four months. Basically, you have to remove the tooth and then you have to let it heal. Then they have to put in an implant and then let that heal. Then finally at the very end, it takes 10 minutes, we put in the tooth. But overall, he explained it thoroughly from start to end and how it would work. I understood the whole process and it was easy to do. It was very easy to do.
The office is really easy to work with and easy to come in to. Doctor Hastings is really thorough and competent and really makes you comfortable and does a good job and honestly, that’s why I started coming here was because Doctor Hastings kept a full-time hygienist on staff and will work with just me.