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I have a better smile than I did. I smile now with my teeth more. I laugh and giggle a lot more because I’m not afraid for people to see my teeth. Eating has been a lot better for me.
It’s been a very neat experience. He was very upfront when he talked to me when I first came in and had counsel with him. He told me how long it was going to take.
There’s other dentists that are closer, a half hour away, but I like his bedside manner. I like how you feel when you leave the office. It’s upbeat, like I said. It’s positive. There’s not any negativity. He makes it fun. I think Dr. Hastings truly cares about each and every patient he has. He wants to make sure that you’re satisfied with his work as well as he is satisfied. He takes pride in what he does.
I’ve gone to dentist’s office before and it’s, “Hi. I’m here. My name is Michelle. I have an appointment at 1 o’clock,” and they go, “Okay. Go sit down.” You don’t get that when you come to Times Square Dental. You get, “Hi Michelle. How are you today? I see you’re early for your appointment. How was the drive down?” Because they know I drive far. They’re personable. They know about you and they care about you. I think that’s what I like best about them. They’re your friend as well as your dentist and your receptionist and hygienist.