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See What Restorative Dentistry in Boise, ID Can Do for Your Smile

More than 90 percent of people will have at least one cavity, and about half of people will get gum disease during their lives. When you add in accidents and injuries, it’s no wonder that so many people have damaged and missing teeth. No matter how bad you think things might be, however, you can get your smile back with restorative dentistry.

Restorative dental care can revive more than your smile, too. You could:

  • Eat the foods you love again
  • Bring back the natural appearance of your teeth
  • Replace lost teeth
  • Feel renewed confidence in your smile

With teeth replacements, you can speak clearly and may prevent future oral health problems. By coming to Times Square Dental, you can have a healthy mouth again. If you are ready to see your new smile, call our Boise, ID dentist office at 208-343-1981 today!

Eat What You Want, Say What You Mean, & Smile Again!

Missing and damaged teeth can hurt your self-confidence. They can make it hard to bite and chew, too. As a result, you may give up eating foods you enjoy. You also may avoid speaking if you can no longer pronounce words the right way or if you don’t want anyone to see what’s left of your teeth. To make those changes, here are a few options:

Dental Crowns and Bridges – Our same-day crowns are used to repair teeth that are damaged and decayed, among other things. Bridges are made by fusing crowns together to replace one or more missing teeth.

Tooth Filling – Fillings can fix teeth with mild cavities. We use a tooth-colored material to restore your natural-looking smile.

Root Canal – We may recommend root canal treatment to remove infected tissue from a tooth. This procedure allows you to eat without pain once again.

Dental Implants – Implants replace the roots of missing teeth. They can support crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace one tooth, all your teeth, or anything in between.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction – This is the process we use to plan more complex restorations. It involves a combination of the services mentioned above to make your mouth as strong as, if not stronger than, it’s ever been.

By visiting Dr. Hastings, you can take advantage of some of the most advanced technology in modern dentistry. With our E4D PlanScan system, we can create and place a new crown in a matter of hours. Using 3-D cone beam imaging, we can assess, plan, and precisely place implants to provide the maximum support for your replacement teeth. With All-on-4®, you can have a natural-looking smile using just four implants to secure your dentures.

Restore Your Quality of Life

When you have broken, decayed, or missing teeth, you might avoid spending time with other people due to embarrassment. You may find yourself eating the same things over and over again instead of enjoying a variety of delicious foods that make meals fun and nutritious.

If you want to enjoy all the flavors life has to offer, restorative dentistry could be just what you need. Call Times Square Dental in Boise, ID at 208-314-1901 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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So restorative dentistry, basically simple fillings when there are cavities that decay, that has gotten into the crash grooves in between the teeth, wherever it may be. We would go in, we would clean out that decay, and we would place a filling material in there. It's a relatively simple procedure that helps prevent more serious issues. It helps us avoid things like root canals or extractions or various things. If we catch these small cavities early, it's simple restorative work that can filling. It's been official to have it done early, to basically avoid bigger issues. If the decay continues to progress and spread, in order to restore that tooth or save that tooth, we might need to do something more invasive, like a root canal. Or if it's progressed even beyond that, the prognosis on the tooth might be hopeless and we might have to look at options to replace that tooth.