Your mouth needs to be healthy in order for your smile to look great, your teeth to work properly, and your life to be free of dental pain.

Sometimes, that requires a root canal, which can be the worst possible news patients hear if they believe all the myths surrounding this dental treatment.

Today, our team at Times Square Dental wants to help ease your mind about root canal treatment in our Boise, ID dental office!

Root Canals Keep Your Mouth Healthy

At all times, your mouth contains good and bad bacteria.

A root canal is necessary when the bad bacteria behave… well, badly.

When harmful bacteria is able to get inside your tooth, it can lead to a potentially dangerous infection that needs to be eradicated.

Basically, a root canal procedure treats any bacterial infection that’s taken hold of the inside of your tooth where your blood vessels, nerves, and dental pulp are.

It’s a process where the infection is removed, the area is cleaned, and the tooth is reinforced by some sort of restoration, commonly a dental crown.

Ignore These 3 Root Canal Myths

You’ve no doubt heard some of the myths about root canals, but here are three quite common bits of fiction surrounding this particular treatment we want to set straight today!

*Root Canals Are Horribly Painful*

Maybe this myth has some measure of reality in its roots if you’re talking about root canals from bygone days.

But it’s 2018, and frankly, nearly all dental procedures have changed for the better thanks to technology and modern numbing methods!

A root canal is one of those improved procedures, especially at Times Square Dental. We numb the area so you won’t feel anything, and you can even rely on any of our dental sedation options if you need help feeling relaxed.

*Root Canals Compromise Your Health*

It’s rather startling how long this myth has endured.

That’s because it’s over a century old!

It most likely stems from a study published by one, solitary dentist who insisted that root canals cause cancer, among other health problems.

His conclusion, according to the study, was that clearing out infection from the inside of a tooth only worsened it for some inexplicable reason, but that’s a myth we can easily debunk.

Clearing your mouth of potentially dangerous infection is good.

Doing nothing to treat the infection and possibly allowing it to spread is bad.

Pretty easy logic to follow, right?

Root canals keep you healthy. It really is that simple!

*Root Canals Lead To Weak Teeth*

After we’ve cleaned the infection and sanitized the treated area, we’ll either use a material called gutta-percha or rely on a dental crown to place over your tooth.

The point of this final step of your root canal procedure is to strengthen your tooth after treatment so it’s safe from future damage or infection.

So it’s not the root canal that makes a tooth weak, but the infection that makes your tooth weak, brittle, and susceptible to breakage.

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