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Almost as common as braces among teenagers, getting your wisdom teeth removed is like a rite of passage for folks on the brink of adulthood.

You may have watched funny videos online of people just coming out of the dentist office after they’ve had the extraction, saying silly things with a mouth full of cotton and cheeks swollen like a chipmunk.

We like to laugh at the experience from afar, but the truth is, it’s actually an important step we take in our Boise, ID dental office to help patients preserve their oral health.

Today, our team at Times Square Dental is talking about how we use wisdom teeth extractions to save your smile!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Can Save Your Smile!

Oh, wisdom teeth, what are we going to do with you?

You always seem to show up late to the party, if you don’t get lost on the way first.

And when you finally do decide to show up, there isn’t enough room for you!

The truth is, these well-meaning set of molars usually don’t come in until your late teens, give or take a few more years. But don’t assume for a moment that all that extra time they have on other adult teeth gives them any sort of intellectual advantage, so to speak.

Many times, by the time your wisdom teeth come in, there isn’t enough room left in your mouth. Overcrowding can threaten the other teeth in your mouth, not to mention your smile.

Instead of erupting fully in the very back behind the other sets of molars, wisdom teeth can often come in only part of the way, leaving the chance for bacteria to hide under the gumline.

They may also erupt in the wrong position, which can also be problematic.

If they’re lucky enough not to face overcrowding upon their arrival, your wisdom teeth are so far back that it makes brushing and flossing them a bit of a challenge.

We love you, wisdom teeth, but it’s for these reasons that we often have to let you go!

In reality, wisdom teeth can become impacted and quite painful, or they can create overcrowding, and in either case, would need to be extracted to protect the position of your teeth, the appearance of your smile, and the state of your oral health.

At Times Square Dental, wisdom teeth extraction is a simple procedure for Dr. Hastings and Dr. Dial. We will make sure you understand all the pre and post-op instructions, that you’re completely comfortable during the procedure, and that you’re healing properly in the days after your appointment.

Tips For A Smooth Recovery

For the first 24 hours following wisdom teeth extraction, you don’t want to attempt brushing or flossing. But after that, you can ease back into an oral hygiene routine, being careful to avoid the healing spot initially, as well as mouthwash that contains alcohol.

Here are other ways to ensure a smoother recovery:

*Stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

*You can manage pain and swelling with medication and cold compresses.

*Avoid smoking.

*Don’t drink through a straw.

*Try not to touch the extraction area as its healing.

*Eat only soft foods for the first couple of days, and make sure it’s not too hot.

If you experience a signs of trouble, such as severe pain, sudden swelling, or bleeding that won’t stop, call us right away and someone will help you with the proper instructions.

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It’d be nice if teeth always knew exactly how to come in and position themselves appropriately.

Unfortunately, teeth aren’t that smart!

In all seriousness, wisdom teeth extraction is far easier than you might imagine and quite routine for Drs. Hastings and Dial. They are exactly the kind of professionals you want in charge of your procedure.

With help from our caring and experienced team, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process, and your smile will be all the better for it!

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