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The month of October invites some of the best sensory pleasures life has to offer. The smell of clean, cool autumn air, the extraordinary beauty of the changing leaves, and the crisp fall sweater weather… it’s heaven!

But wait… we forgot one very important thing: CANDY! Halloween is one of the few excuses we get to use to indulge our sweet tooth. It’s a delicious joyride on the sugar train! All the favorites of your childhood, Snickers, Reese Cups, Starburst, and Skittles, bring the warm, happy memories of trick-or-treating back to life.

This is one of the best parts about Halloween season! But if you have dental pain because of missing teeth, eating seasonal sweets it’s hardly what you’d consider fun. In fact, it’s the exact opposite!

But that’s okay when you have a dentist like Dr. Hastings! He can provide you with the best tooth replacement option available in modern dentistry. Dental implants can restore the look and function of your teeth so you can dig into that bowl of Halloween candy pain-free!

Today, we’re talking about how dental implants can help you enjoy candy, no matter the time of year, for a lifetime of sugary goodness to come!

Dental Implants Make Chewing Easy Again!

Any time you lose a tooth, it’s important to replace it sooner rather than later. That’s because the longer you go with an empty space in your mouth, the more susceptible you become to gum disease, jawbone deterioration, and even more tooth loss. So replacing your teeth actually ensures a healthier mouth in general.

Another reason to replace your teeth as soon as possible is because you want and need to eat comfortably again! No one should have to restrict their diet because of missing teeth, but many people have to, unfortunately.

You’re not able to chew your food easily, for one thing. Therefore, you avoid tougher foods like a thick, juicy steak, corn on the cob, or, you guessed it, candy! Teeth were designed to chew and tear food with ease, so when you don’t have one or more of your teeth, your ability to eat normally is understandably affected.

Perhaps a reason to replace missing teeth that’s just as important as your health and comfort is your emotional wellbeing. Your confidence is totally zapped when it’s full of empty spaces, or even just one empty space, for that matter!

Imagine being at a Halloween party and a friend approaching you about how great your costume looks. Then they suggest taking a picture so they can post it on social media. If you have an unsightly, incomplete smile, there’s no way you’re going to feel comfortable with that. You’ll feel embarrassed and insecure, and you’ll come up with a quick excuse to leave the room as soon as humanly possible!

A dental implant is placed in your jawbone where your tooth used to be. It’s job is to essentially become your new tooth root by fusing to your natural bone. This fusion not only ensures unmatched strength for your tooth replacement, but it also promotes the growth of new, healthy jawbone.

Then your implant is covered by a dental restoration that looks and feels as natural as they come. No one will be able to tell you had a missing tooth in the first place!  

Enjoy Halloween Candy Again With Dental Implants!

Before you let Halloween pass you by and miss out on all that delicious candy of the season, set up a consultation with Dr. Hastings at Times Square Dental! You can explore all your tooth replacement options here in our Boise, ID dental office, and perhaps one of them could be dental implants!

They’re as close to the real thing as a person can get. Dental implants become part of your own jawbone, giving you unmatched strength and function. In fact, they can restore up to 90% of the bite power you had before you lost any teeth.

And what’s better is that dental implants can last the rest of your life. That’s a whole lot of Halloween candy!

Find out if dental implants can help you enjoy this season’s festival of sugary goodness! Call us today at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.