Regular Dental Visits

At Times Square Dental, Dr. Hastings and his team always emphasize the importance of proactive dental care. The preventative regimen helps to maintain the oral as well as the overall health of your entire family. Regular dental appointments with Dr. Jon Hastings and his experienced dental team are not only about diagnosing dental problems and treating them but also involve the steps for prevention of gum diseases.

The preventive oral care regimen involves the maintenance of dental health at home by proper brushing and flossing. However, it should be accompanied by regular dental visits. The definition of the term ‘regular dental visit’ changes according to the personal clinical situation and Dr. Hastings after a diagnostic check-up, will recommend the best protocol for you: bi-annual, quarterly, or a personalized plan. For example, if you are suffering from severe generalized periodontitis, it is essential to visit the dentist and go for a professional cleaning, at least every three months. On the other hand, even if you have good dental health, it is recommended to visit the dentist every six months.

During the preventative care appointment, your dentist will carry out a detailed oral examination, take X-rays, do scaling, and also treat existing dental problems. The dentist also checks the presence of risk factors for developing dental diseases and carries out dental procedures like fluoride therapy, pit and fissure sealant application, treatment for tooth sensitivity or fabrication of a mouthguard and sports guards.

Interesting Facts from Research Studies:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day and maintaining good oral hygiene is directly related to regular dental visits and oral care during school years ¹.
  • Regular dental visits decrease dental anxiety and fear ².
  • Dental decay can be reversed at initial stages ³.

Dental caries and gum diseases are the two major dental problems affecting the majority of people. These diseases, if left untreated, can lead to pain, swelling, difficulty in eating, tooth loss, low self-confidence, problems in relationships and absence from school or office. Many scientific studies also prove that presence of diabetes, hypertension and even heart diseases is directly related to the chronic dental diseases. Thus, preventive oral health is essential for the proper functioning of the oral system as well as for the maintenance of the general health of the body.

Benefits of Regular Dental Visits at Times Square Dental

  • Dental caries cannot be self-diagnosed at home. Even if you notice the black spots on your tooth, it does not imply that you have a dental cavity. Conversely, dental decay in the proximal areas of the tooth may go unnoticed. Dental caries often follow an asymptomatic course. During a regular dental visit, Dr. Hastings carries out a detailed examination of all the teeth and oral tissues. He takes X-rays if the situation demands. Also, we use the latest technology for caries diagnosis and treatment.
  • Regular appointments with our dental hygienists help in the prevention of periodontal diseases. The removal of dental plaque that is not visible to the naked eye and also dental tartar helps to maintain the gums in good health.
  • During the regular check-up appointments, Dr. Hastings screens the presence of oral cancers. He also makes sure to diagnose the oral manifestation of systemic diseases. He will also carry out the examination of your facial symmetry, jaw joint (TMJ) or other parts of the head and neck for the early diagnosis of serious, debilitating diseases.
  • The preventive procedures usually cost less as compared to the extensive restorative and rehabilitative procedures. In fact, dentistry is not as nearly as expensive as dental neglect.

At Times Square Dental, we have the advanced technology and expertise for diagnosing dental diseases at the stage of incubation. Also, we offer a wide range of preventative services to strengthen and protect your smile. Regular dental visits to an expert dentist can give you the maximum benefits. Call us today at (208) 314-1901 to schedule your dental appointment.


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