Same Day CrownsGet A Crown

If you wish to restore that smile and its natural shine immediately, then this is the type of service that you need, and one that we no less specialize in altogether, let Times Square Dental lend a hand, or in this case, a crown.

Let’s face it: Decaying teeth will only get worse with time, so it’s vital that you get a permanent solution toward their full restoration and preventative health, doing what you can with what is available to you. And a crown is the perfect solution for that. And if you need to get that smile fixed just before your next big interview, date, or any other special event, then our same-day solution1 can make it happen. Dr. Lance Ogata adds, the same day crowns are just as high quality as traditional crowns. So what are you waiting for?

Other Benefits

And to further add, getting this service done on your teeth will not only offer you a faster alternative but can even help you eat all those yummy foods your mouth loves all at the same time. And our process, simple and pain-free as it is, is still quite thorough, but we take care of all those details so that you don’t have to. Let's take the hard work out of the process while you sit back and relax. It’s really that simple.

In addition, we employ an E4D PlanScan, to get the job done, out of our office in Boise Dentist. And it will only take a short time to do so. In fact, while you’re sitting back with a nice movie, viewable from your chair, on our upward-extended 40-inch TV. And as you enjoy the flick, we’ll be hard at work on placing your crown. So can sit back like a king as he enjoys a good movie and gets his crown. Like the sound of that?

More to Note

Furthermore, Dr. Dial and Dr. Hastings both work with numerous forms of modern dental technology to ensure that the restoration made to fit your mouth is no less than a perfect fit for it. This scope of work is ideally done through an Iris intraoral camera, which really gets “up close and personal” within your mouth, seeing areas that are otherwise difficult to spot with the naked eye. This promises a more detailed process as a whole.

To that effect, there’s also our 3D imaging through cone beam tech, which allows us to get updated, reliable data on what’s really going on inside your mouth and the particular areas affected. Not only that, but our X-ray digital imaging solutions likewise work together with them so that we offer the best fit, choosing what will serve your need most accurately. Is it, for instance, a dental implant, a bridge or a more traditional crown that you need? Let us have a close look, and we’ll tell you exactly what needs to get done.

Along a similar train of thought, did you know that, while you’re getting your same-day crown, you could also be in one of three types of sedated states? We make the experience pain-free on numerous levels, and you can get to decide the level of sedation we use for this procedure. So whether you wish to fall asleep entirely, or simply want a lighter sedation that’ll still allow you to sit up and watch one of your favorite movies on our TV screens, it can be done; just say the word.

Who Should Get a Same-Day Crown?

For more, listen to what Dr. Dial has said about our same-day crowns. His findings will blow you away and remind of why they’re potentially urgent and should not be avoided, based on your need.

The ideal candidate, as he mentions, is anyone. Anyone who needs a crown can get a same-day solution here. It all depends, as he further mentions, on the type of restoration needed, of course, since some teeth, in certain stages of life, are more advanced in their decay than others. Yet some teeth may still be restored, to some degree. And that’s the goal here.

Getting a same-day crown can also help relieve some ongoing pain you’ve suffered near the area where you’ve needed the crown in the first place. And that we can assess. The quicker you get it done, the quicker you’ll begin to experience relief once more!

Final Thoughts

Moreover, for further questions, comments, insight or other types of feedback, please feel free to reach out during our standard business hours2 at 208-314-1901. We welcome calls from anyone and can’t wait to discuss the possibilities of a same-day crown further with you or your loved ones. It all begins with an evaluation, of course, so let us schedule one for you either by phone, in person or online today. We promise getting your same-day crown will be an experience you’ll be glad you had, and you’ll be able to more quickly enjoy your smile and dental appearance, as well as eat those foods you crave, bringing some added happiness to your life in its other areas as a result.