Emergency DentistEmergencies can happen at any time, anywhere, and with anyone. Emergencies do not wait for when you are free, or when you are okay and able to take care of it. It can happen at some of the worst times ever, and there is nothing you can do to stop it from occurring.

This can also happen with dental emergencies that may occur at unfortunate times. For instance, your child falling down while playing outside may end up chipping a tooth. Although this may not seem like a big deal, if it’s not taken care of or at least looked at, the chip can lead to an infection, and then a complete breakdown of the gums and teeth.

Another instance of when an emergency dentist is nice to have is when you have something go wrong with a procedure. For instance, if a wire pops out of your child’s braces, or a filling comes loose on one of the teeth. You want these to be repaired quickly and efficiently, and not have to wait to have them taken care of.

In all of these situations, it is always encouraging to know that you have an emergency dentist1 on hand that you can call for situations that occur. An emergency dentist means that even when your regular family dentist, like the ones from Times Square Dentistry. But, there are even more reasons why having an emergency dentist is extremely handy. Here are just a few situations that you would need an emergency dentist for.

1. You are having unbearable or constant oral pain

Having constant, extreme oral pain can be one of the worst things ever. It’s not really noticeable and can leave you in a complete state of disarray. If you have an emergency dentist on hand, though, you are able to get an appointment to get your oral pain to be taken care of.

Not only will they be ready to help you at any time, but they will also be able to help pinpoint exactly what the pain is being caused by. Oral pain can come from a number of different scenarios, and each scenario is different for each patient. You may experience intense pain from a toothache that normally wouldn’t be that painful for someone else. Because of this, it can be difficult to fully diagnose what the problem is. As such, that is where an emergency dentist is able to come in and help diagnose the problem and get you the relief that you desire. Not only will they identify what needs to be done, but some dentists, such as the ones at Times Square Dental, are able to actually find you the proper oral surgeon to get the treatment necessary or perform the surgery in house.

2. You have a broken or chipped tooth

Although this may not seem like such a huge deal to some people, it can have a huge impact later on in life if not taken care of quickly. Having a chipped or broken tooth can mean that the tooth will never look the same, resulting in the tooth needing long-term care down the road. If the chip or break is much deeper, there is a chance of the tooth becoming infected and creating an infestation of the gumline and surrounding teeth, resulting in full oral containment and cleaning, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Having an emergency dentist can help mitigate such problems. If you have a broken or chipped tooth, an emergency dentist can help with cosmetic treatment2, which can help restore the tooth to its original form, or even better.

3. You have uncontrollable or nonstop bleeding from the mouth

Uncontrollable bleeding from the oral areas can mean many different things. For one, it can mean that a previous surgery, such as wisdom teeth removal, did not finish up properly, or it can mean that you have a buildup of an infection that is causing excess bleeding. Either way, it’s not a good thing to have.

With an emergency dentist, you can quickly go into their office and have them help you stem the bleeding, as well as find out what is causing the bleeding. With dentists like Times Square Dental, they can not only find out why the bleeding has occurred, but can help to repair the issue, and then give you additional care in the aftercare procedures.

4. Splitting your lip or cutting your tongue

Although not as often seen, splitting your lip can be a huge pain. It can cause excessive pain, and leave your lips open to the risk of infection. It also makes eating terribly difficult and can mean no end of pain and suffering.

The same goes with cutting your tongue or having a cut at a weird spot on your tongue. With how often you use your tongue, it can cause excessive pain even in passive daily activities. With cuts, even such things like saliva or talking can be dangerous. Anything that agitates that cut on the tongue will cause immense pain, and leave you helpless to its whims.

If it is quite large, a trip to the emergency dentist is always a good choice. This is especially true if there is excessive bleeding like we talked about above. With an emergency dentist, they can show you ways to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by a split lip or cut tongue and make sure it heals properly, with a lowered risk of infection and destruction of your natural oral fixations.

5. Losing a crown or a filling on your teeth

As stated at the beginning, one of the primary reasons having an emergency dentist is extremely nice is the fact that, after a surgery or implant, there can be problems. If you just had a root canal, and a filling was applied, you really don’t want that filling to pop out and leave that exposed tooth to the open air. This can be easy access to any germs and infections that are wanting a nice, easy home to lay in.

The same can be said about losing a crown. Crowns are made and applied to help shield a weak tooth. As it helps to cover up the old tooth that may be extremely weak, or may have been shaven down for the sake of a healthy gum line, having a crown pop off means dangers for the exposed tooth.

An emergency dentist can help to place them back on, as well as redo any fillings that may have fallen out. They can help mend those holes, and recover the tooth that the crown was on, ensuring that your teeth will heal properly, and safely.


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