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The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Contributed by DentalROI

Root Canal TherapyHave you been told how painful a root canal is? Would you rather endure a pain caused by inflammation rather than having a root canal? There are many lies surrounding root canal procedure, and it is crucial for you to understand what is, it’s benefits and how it works before you consider it as your treatment of choice.

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The Difference Sedation Dentistry Can Make

Contributed by DentalROI

Sedation DentistryMany people have endured the pain of a toothache because they fear to go to the dentist for treatment. The good news though is there is a solution to your fear of dental procedures, and that is sedation dentistry. In the past sedation dentistry wasn’t used as much as today or it was limited to only a couple of forms.

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Dental Implants vs Dentures

Contributed by DentalROI

Dental Implants Tooth loss is a normal phenomenon in children who are removing milk teeth, but it is not desirable for an adult to lose a tooth. Losing a permanent tooth can be a result of trauma caused during an accident, dental diseases or bad health habits.

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The Difference A Professional Teeth Whitening Can Make

Contributed by DentalROI

Professional Teeth WhiteningThere are many advertisements on TVs and the internet on the various over the counter teeth whitening products. Over the counter and home remedies teeth whitening products have claimed to whiten teeth fast and safe but is this case? People have spent more than $200 annually on OTC teeth whiteners without the expected outcome.

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Are Your Favorite Holiday Treats On The Naughty List?

Contributed by DentalROI

It’s here! This year’s naughty and nice list is out, courtesy of our team at Times Square Dental! We want you to enjoy the holidays without worrying about what all the added sugar might be doing to your smile.

Take a look at which holiday treats made the cut this year, and which ones you may need to cut for the sake of your oral health!

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Is Professional Teeth Whitening For Me QUIZ

Contributed by DentalROI

We hope your summer is off to a great start!

Make sure your smile keeps shining all season long with professional teeth whitening at Times Square Dental in Boise, ID!

You can whiten your teeth several shades in our office with a quick treatment or while laying out by the pool with our take-home trays.

Answer these questions to see if professional teeth whitening is for you!

Call Times Square Dental today at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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A Dental Implant Saved This Patient’s Smile

Contributed by DentalROI

When Ellen broke a tooth late on a Friday night, she knew exactly who to call for help.

She trusted Dr. Hastings at Times Square Dental.

The next morning, Dr. Hastings and our team began the process of saving Ellen’s smile with a dental implant in our Boise, ID practice.

Thirteen years later, Ellen’s still smiling!

Hear more about why she continues to trust our team!

To learn more, call Times Square Dental today at 208-505-9367 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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A Secret To Fresh Breath & Strong Teeth This Summer

Contributed by DentalROI

Summer is a fun time of year to get outside and enjoy more physical activity.

And that’s great, but not if you’re not staying hydrated!

Dehydration isn’t good for your body, and it’s equally bad for your smile.

With bad breath and weak teeth threatening your summer fun, our team at Times Square Dental wants to spend today’s blog telling you an important secret about proper hydration.

It’s all about saliva and what it can do to protect your teeth and freshen your breath!

Saliva: A Little-Known Secret To A Healthy Smile

Drinking enough water is a way to help your body produce a healthy amount of saliva everyday. Why is saliva so important, you might wonder?

Because it’s a little-known secret to a healthy smile!

Here’s how staying well-hydrated this summer can benefit your breath and your teeth thanks to a good flow of saliva inside your mouth!

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Can Save Your Smile

Contributed by DentalROI

Almost as common as braces among teenagers, getting your wisdom teeth removed is like a rite of passage for folks on the brink of adulthood.

You may have watched funny videos online of people just coming out of the dentist office after they’ve had the extraction, saying silly things with a mouth full of cotton and cheeks swollen like a chipmunk.

We like to laugh at the experience from afar, but the truth is, it’s actually an important step we take in our Boise, ID dental office to help patients preserve their oral health.

Today, our team at Times Square Dental is talking about how we use wisdom teeth extractions to save your smile!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Can Save Your Smile!

Oh, wisdom teeth, what are we going to do with you?

You always seem to show up late to the party, if you don’t get lost on the way first.

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Is Chewing Painful For You? We Can Help!

Contributed by DentalROI

Dr. Hastings at Times Square Dental wants to check in with you to make sure your teeth and your smile are ready for summer!

That means addressing the pain and discomfort you’ve been experiencing when chewing your food.

Summer is no time for dental pain! So Dr. Hastings and our team in Boise, ID want you to get the restorative dental treatment you need to enjoy all the seasonal staples before you at your first barbecue!

Here’s Dr. Hastings talking more about our approach to patients having difficulty chewing and how our mission is to preserve the quality of life you deserve!

For help with your dental pain and discomfort, call Times Square Dental today at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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