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Renew Beauty & Confidence With A Spring Smile Makeover

Contributed by DentalROI

With each new season, there are certain things we have to consider if we want a healthy, beautiful smile.

We’ve been talking in this month’s blogs about spring and how it can affect your teeth and gums. From protecting your mouth during an increase in activity level to whitening your smile for special events, this turn of the season demands certain changes to your approach to good oral health.

Another one that inspired today’s blog is how spring is a popular time to focus our attention on tidying things up, do some decluttering, and sort of pressing the restart button on our lives in some ways, big and small.

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Your Dental Health Checklist

Contributed by DentalROI

In just four short days, the entire globe will be celebrating World Oral Health Day. Every year, dental professionals work to spread awareness about best oral care practices, volunteer their time, resources, and expertise to underprivileged communities with free dental checkups, and promote healthy lifestyles that will preserve your teeth and gums.

In that spirit, our team at Times Square Dental in Boise, ID is running through a checklist to keep in mind as you aim to achieve your best dental health!

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Clean Up Your Spring Smile With Teeth Whitening!

Contributed by DentalROI

If you’ve been thinking about starting your spring cleaning, consider adding your smile to that list!

At Times Square Dental, you can remove stubborn stains and brighten your teeth with professional teeth whitening.

Dr. Hastings or Dr. Dial can talk to you about our options, both in-office or take-home systems, and help you decide which will work best for you.

In the meantime, take a look at today’s infographic to see why you should clean up your smile this spring with our powerful whitening treatment!

Call our Boise, ID dental office today at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule a consultation.

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Athletic Mouthguards Keep Your Teeth Safe & Your Head In The Game

Contributed by DentalROI

Do you have a child athlete at home who’s chomping at the bit for the spring sports season?

Make sure their teeth are protected with a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard from Times Square Dental in Boise, ID!

If you’ve been talking yourself into a quick trip to the local sporting goods store for a mouthguard, we’d like you to take a moment to read today’s blog about why you and your child athlete will be better off with one that’s professionally-made!

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A Fun, Compassionate Dental Staff In Boise, ID!

Contributed by DentalROI

Dr. Dial and Dr. Hastings at Times Square Dental wants to take a moment to praise our awesome dental staff here in Boise, ID.

We have a caring, compassionate, and fun team of professionals, and patients are the ones who benefit!

Here’s Dr. Dial talking more about why he loves working with our staff, and why patients do, too!

Visit us in Boise and see why patients appreciate our team! Call Times Square Dental today at 208-278-1069  or fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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Could You Benefit From Family Dentistry?

Contributed by DentalROI

Your family includes people of all different ages with different dental needs.

That’s why so many parents spend too much of their time throughout the year traveling from one practice to another so every person gets the treatment they need.

At Times Square Dental, we’re a family dental practice where everyone can be treated under one roof.

Could you benefit from family dentistry?

Answer a few questions to see!

Make your family’s dental care more convenient. Call our Boise, ID dental office today at 208-278-1069 fill out our convenient online form to schedule an appointment

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Contributed by DentalROI

Jennifer is a mother of five who didn’t have the time to drive all over the place to different dentist offices for her family.

That’s when she decided to trust our team at Times Square Dental!

Jennifer is the star of today’s video blog. Take a moment to listen to the reasons she’s happy to have found a family practice in Boise, ID that allows her to schedule more convenient appointments for everyone in her family!

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Time To Love Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Contributed by DentalROI

If you’ve just celebrated Valentine’s Day, your head is no doubt filled with thoughts of love.

But this time of year isn’t just about celebrating the love you have for another person. It’s about the love you have for yourself.

Having a beautiful smile can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel like you could do anything.

Cosmetic dentistry at Times Square Dental can give you that.

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4 Dental Tips For Valentine’s Day

Contributed by DentalROI

We’re almost there, folks! Only a few days left to make those last minute preparations for Valentine’s Day.

At Times Square Dental, we’re helping you make the most of it with these last minute dental health tips so your celebration goes off without a hitch!

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Get A Smile That Shines For Your Valentine!

Contributed by DentalROI

You’re probably going to great lengths to plan the perfect night out this Valentine’s Day.

You’ve detailed your car, ordered some flowers, made dinner reservations, and maybe you even have a sparkling surprise gift tucked away waiting for just the right moment to present to your sweetheart.

Our team at Times Square Dental wants everything to go smoothly for your special date night. That’s why we want to let you know about one more thing you can do to make your romantic evening a success.

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