Benefits Crowns Bridges

Are you having a hard time being confident in your smile or is your smile causing you pain? Having missing teeth or chipped teeth can hurt one’s confidence and ability to chew food. Pain in the mouth is never fun to experience and wares on one’s nerves just as much as their bones.

Getting a dental crown or a bridge can restore your mouth to looking and feeling amazing. There are many benefits to getting a crown or bridge, such as giving you a reason to smile wide in photos. Times Square Dental has both cosmetic and restorative dentistry that can provide you with crowns or bridges to make your smile your favorite.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are close to what they sound like. If you have a chipped or otherwise damaged tooth, the top will likely be uneven and cause you pain while eating food. A dental crown is a piece of artificial tooth that sits on top of your tooth, giving it its shape back. Each dental crown is made to perfectly fit and resemble your damaged tooth. It allows you to have your full set of teeth back without any chips or any pain.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

When you have a chipped tooth, more likely than not you are left with a tooth with a sharp edge. If you bite wrong, you can stab yourself with that sharp tooth, hit another tooth and cause more chipping, or cause an immense amount of pain from unbalanced pressure distribution. With a dental crown, you will be able to smile, bite, and eat without any pain. You get your full tooth back along with your full biting power. Getting a dental crown will also help you with your smile confidence as you will have your full smile back to show off.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are used when you are missing a full tooth or several missing teeth. Bridges are essentially artificial teeth that span across the gap that your missing teeth have left in your mouth. They are similar to dental implants or dentures, but they are a permanent solution to fill in the gaps in your mouth. Unlike dental implants, dental bridges don’t require any surgery to have them put in. It is an easy and permanent solution for those that have missing teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are the easy and permanent solution that will give you your full smile back. They are great for people who are uneasy about surgical dental procedures and want an option that is less invasive. Bridges give people their confidence back as they will have a full smile to show off again. If you are embarrassed about your smile due to missing teeth, dental bridges will fix that problem with ease. These bridges work to prevent further deterioration of the mouth, stopping you from losing more teeth.

If you had any pain due to missing teeth, having a dental bridge will fill in that gap and stop the pain from happening anymore. You will get new teeth that look very natural and function the same as your teeth from before. No matter how you lost your teeth, a dental bridge will help replace those that were lost.

Who Can Give You Dental Crowns or Bridges?

If you want these restorative dental procedures, call us at Times Square Dental to set up an appointment. We want to put your mouth first so that you can eat all the foods that you want and have a smile that you always want to show off. Our Boise dentist wants to give you a reason to show off your smile all the time by making it healthy and full again.

Here at Times Square Dental, we have the highest technology to give you custom crowns or bridges that fit your mouth perfectly and look just like your other teeth. No one will be able to tell that you have gotten any work done at all. We both use cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry to give you the mouth that makes you happy.

When you need a crown or a bridge, we will help you figure out what kind you need. There are several kinds of dental bridges that one can have, from smaller ones to implant-supported bridges. We will figure out what solution is the best for you and your mouth and will be able to provide that procedure with only the highest quality.

Crown and Bridge Aftercare

Times Square Dental and our Boise dentist will make sure that you know how to effectively take care of your dental crown or bridge after the procedure is done. It is important to note that your mouth will take time to adjust to the new objects that are attached to your teeth. You will need to relearn how to properly chew and make sure you don’t eat anything too hard too soon.

Eating soft foods and drinking a lot of liquids are essential for the first period after getting your procedure done. There will most likely be soreness when you eat and that is completely normal. Remember to take it easy with your mouth. It will both make things easier on you and will allow your mouth time to adjust to having new teeth. You don’t want to damage them right away from eating wrong.

Get Your Restorative Dentistry at Times Square Dental

Call Times Square Dental to set up a consultation appointment to see what your mouth needs and what our dentist can do to help. Get your smile back as soon as possible by making an appointment with our talented and experienced dentist, Dr. Jon Hastings, DDS. Not only will having a full smile reduce pain and make eating easier, but it will also boost your confidence, so you never have to be afraid to smile.

Be able to take amazing photos and smile freely by contacting our friendly and competent dental team today.