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To suggest that dental anxiety could be harmful to your health may sound contradictory on the surface. After all, fear can actually be a healthy way to avoid danger and keep you safer. But when fear becomes irrational, it can interfere with things that would actually keep you from harm.

Dental anxiety is a perfect example of how this happens. It’s a fear that millions of people have, so while fairly common, it can stand in the way of good oral health. That’s why our team at Times Square Dental wants to share today’s blog with you.

Our mission is to make sure all of our patients have healthy teeth and gums, and sometimes that requires certain accommodations and sedation methods that allow particularly fearful patients to get the dental care they need in the most comfortable way possible.

We want to talk first about how dental anxiety keeps you from getting the dental care you need and why that’s a problem.

Dental Anxiety Keeps You From Regular Dental Care

Dental anxiety is more than just feeling uneasy about your dental appointments. It’s an irrational fear that has you talking yourself out of keeping your appointments or from scheduling them at all. You might try to rationalize your behavior by telling yourself you’ll reschedule, but you never do.

Or you might even think it’s not a big deal because you’re not in pain. If nothing seems wrong with your teeth, then why do you need to go to the dentist, right?

But there are many dental problems that don’t start with pain or other symptoms that you can detect. Cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease can all sneak up on you. You might not see evidence of a problem, but they could be there, taking hold of your mouth. By the time you see a dentist, they could all advance and become much more serious.

For example, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults, and it’s been linked to increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, and strokes.

That’s why you need to see the dentist regularly for dental cleanings and exams. In the hands of a trained hygienist and experienced dentist, you’re able to stay on top of small problems before they become big problems, not just for your smile, but for your oral and overall health.

At Times Square Dental, we have the skills, the professional tools, and the advanced technology to detect and treat dental problems so your smile stays healthy and beautiful.

How We Can Help With Sedation Dentistry

In our Boise dental office, we know the stakes are high when it comes to making patients with dental anxiety feel comfortable enough to start coming back for dental care on a routine basis. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure you feel welcome during your appointments.

We also offer TV’s in all of our care rooms so you can enjoy a relaxing distraction during treatment. But perhaps the most effective way we can help you overcome dental anxiety is with our sedation options.

You can choose from:

-Nitrous Oxide

-Oral Sedation

-IV Sedation

Depending on your level of anxiety and the extent of your treatment or procedure, we can help you find the right method that makes you feel completely calm and relaxed so you can get your oral health back on track free from worry and fear.

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With a warm staff, advanced technology for more comfortable dental care, and our sedation options, you have no reason to stay away from the dentist anymore.

Knowing how quickly and insidiously many dental problems can creep into your mouth and cause problems for your overall health, we hope you feel more compelled to give Dr. Hastings and our caring team a chance to change the way you see going to the dentist.

To keep your teeth and gums at their healthiest and your smile at its best, visit our Boise dental office for your next cleaning and exam. We’ll make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable, and that your oral health is right where it needs to be.

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