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Whether you are new to Boise or just want to get to know the city more, there are plenty of things to do and see. Boise is one of America’s largest growing cities which means there are always new job opportunities, new schools, and new attractions.

But what exactly does this city have to offer? More than you think. Idaho might not be the first place people think of when they imagine the United States of America. This is about to change though with how quickly Boise is growing.

Fastest Growing City

Boise is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Thousands of people are moving here every day looking for a beautiful place to live in the Pacific Northwest. Although it’s a large city, the great outdoors is just a stone's throw away. If you love hiking and being in nature, Boise is a wonderful city for you.


Boise has a lower cost of living compared to other large American cities. If you are a new family or a young working professional, you can live comfortably in Boise and still save money with every paycheck. Taxes are also lower compared to other western cities. If you’re from California, Oregon, or another western state with high taxes, you’ll welcome how affordable Boise is.

Family Friendly Services

When moving yourself or your family to a new place, it’s always important to know what the situation is like with clinics, dentist offices, and hospitals. You will want to ensure you and your loved ones are healthy in their new environment. Here at Times Square Dental, we are ready to serve you and your family. We are known as one of the best Boise dentists. We care for our patients whether they are having cosmetic procedures, preventative cleanings, or any other service.

Great Place for Millennials

While Boise is ready to welcome people of any age, many people who are moving here are millennials. This is because the city has a great work-life balance that the younger generation craves. Boise also has a wonderful market for startups. If you are thinking of opening a startup or have a great idea to make one happen, look no further than putting the headquarters in Boise. Boise also has many things for millennials to discover. The city caters to a young crowd including having amazing coffee shops and tons of microbreweries. There are also many bars and shops in the downtown area perfect for exploring.

Best for Families

Everyone who has kids wants to live in a family-friendly area where they know their children can grow and thrive. Boise Independent School District is one of the top ten school districts in Idaho meaning your kids can receive a great education. The test scores are also amongst the highest in the nation, so you never have to worry about your kids not receiving the education they need. There are also many private schools around Boise if you prefer for your children to attend a private school.

Middle schoolers also have the opportunity to go to several charter schools if there is a special area they are interested in such as theatre, music, science, or math. Attending a charter school will give them a better chance to pursue the fields they are interested in while still learning all the subjects to become a well-rounded student.

Boise also has a community that comes together. There are tons of volunteer opportunities that you and your family can attend together to make a difference in the city.

Diverse Neighborhoods

If you are tired of living in a city where you live paycheck to paycheck, consider moving to one of Boise’s affordable neighborhoods. There are many different places to move to. Here are some of the places that new residents find the most welcoming:

  • West Boise: This is perfect for those that want to live in a large neighborhood that is a little bit away from the city. You can live in a typical ranch home or choose from one of the modern developments for a new house.
  • Boise State University: This place has tons of green areas where you can take the kids or go for a jog. It’s also only a few minutes from the downtown area.
  • Hazelwood Village and Southcreek: These neighborhoods are some of the most popular places for new folks since they have new homes. They are in the southwestern part of the city which is close to all the amenities and things you need.
  • South Boise: This is the most family-friendly area. You can choose from one of the quiet neighborhoods where your kids can play in the backyard. There are also shopping malls and many restaurants to choose from.

Boise Attractions

You’ll never get bored in Boise as there are always things to do and see. You can take yourself or your family to one of the many attractions perfect for exploring the area. Make sure to go to the Boise River Greenbelt where you can go jogging or take the family cycling. You can also go to the World Center for Birds of Prey. This is a wildlife center where you can hundreds of different birds. There are demonstrations with the birds as well as exhibits you can explore.

Idaho Botanical Gardens are also in Boise. It’s over 15 acres of flora and fauna from around the state. You can walk the grounds and see beautiful flowers, especially in the spring months and early summer. Boise also has a zoo and aquarium where you can interact with animals. You can also volunteer at either of these places.

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