Gum ReshapingA beautiful smile is what everyone wishes for, but not all people can achieve this because of uneven gums. Uneven gums are when your gums are either shorter (making your teeth appear more prominent), or longer making teeth appear shorter than usual.

Self-esteem of some people with uneven gums is very low preventing them from leading happy lives filled with smiles and laughter. The good news though is there is a treatment for your uneven gums. You can now regain a beautiful smile and live your life without worry about how your smile looks.

Causes Gums Uneven?

There are several things that can cause the gums to become uneven. A few are listed below:

  • Genetic factors. Some people are born with shorter or longer gums.
  • Dental conditions such as teeth shifting.
  • Poor lifestyles habits such as smoking.
  • Aging. When you start to age your body ages as well, and some people experience receding gums.

Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping is a dental treatment used to correct an uneven gum line. Your gums are reshaped back to normal shape. There are different methods of reshaping gums, and it will all depend on the cause and nature of your uneven gums.

Gum reshaping is considered a cosmetic dental procedure to improve your appearance and improve your smile, but there’s a health benefit to it. Gums that are receding and exposing your teeth to more bacteria putting you at high risk of gum disease.

General dentists and periodontist can perform a gum reshaping procedure. Not all dentist do gum reshaping but if they had extra training in handling this type of dental work they are qualified to perform this procedure.

The cost is relative and depending on how much work will be done on your gums. Your dentist will advise you accordingly on that when he or she has assessed your gums.

Types of Gum Reshaping Treatments

The commonly used gum reshaping treatment is surgical treatment. If you have long gums that makes your teeth look too small, then the dentist will correct it by trimming the excess gums to give them a standard look. When your gums appear shorter, grafting will be done by taking pieces of gum tissues from hidden parts of your gums to fill up space.

Reasons to Receive Gum Reshaping

Aesthetic Reasons.

Uneven gums make you have an imperfect smile. Your teeth may appear either longer or shorter because of uneven gums. Gum reshaping helps to correct the imperfection and give you a beautiful smile everyone will admire.

Medical Reasons

Uneven gums such as receding gums is a sign of a gum disease known as periodontitis. It exposes too much of your tooth and might lead to tooth loss if not addressed. Long gums mean deeper pockets where bacteria can hide and thrive if you don’t observe proper oral hygiene.

Restore Self-Esteem

Smiles that have flaws can be demoralizing. Uneven gums bring flaws to your smile, and most people aren’t confident to interact with others and hide away their smiles imperfections. Gum reshaping restores your confidence to interact and live every moment of your life with a smile on your face.

Are There Risks Associated with Gum Reshaping?

The risks are there only if you don’t observe the aftercare practices given to you by your dentist. It is important to avoid hard and crunchy foods after the surgery to allow the gums time to heal. It may take around three days to heal.

After your dentist confirms the gums are completely healed, you can now brush and floss your teeth as usual. It is crucial you observe strict oral hygiene. Failure to do this may lead to infection.

Are you the best candidate for gum reshaping? Your dentist is the best person to advise you on this. By examining your gums and general dental health, the dentist will tell you if you are in good shape to have a gum reshaping surgery.

You should remember one thing, not all dentist can perform gum reshaping, and it is to your benefit to seek information on the dentist before the surgery. The dentist should be able to show you some before and after pictures of his work that is related to the procedure.