Cleanings Exams

It can be easy to forget to do regular dental cleanings when you don’t seem to have any issues with your teeth or gums. Once you start noticing pain or sensitivity though, it means you already have an issue that needs to be addressed. Getting dental procedures can often be expensive and nerve-wracking.

The good news is that almost all dental issues can be avoided when you take charge of your oral health and come into the office twice a year for cleanings, exams, and x-rays. Here at Times Square Dental, we are committed to being your number-one Boise dentist. We care for all our patients and are ready to get you the smile you want and deserve. We can also discuss with you the importance of dental cleanings and exams and why you should choose our office to be your go-to when you have any kind of dental problem.

Stop Problems Before They Start

Regular dental cleanings and exams are meant to be a type of preventative dentistry. This means the purpose is to stop oral health issues before they have a chance to start. When your mouth is healthy, the rest of your body can also be healthy. Dental exams are needed twice a year or every 6 months. If you have certain conditions, like periodontal disease, you will need to come more often. The dentist will tell you if extra checkups are needed.

Although you only need to come twice a year, some people do not make an effort to keep these appointments. If you have had a bad experience with the dentist in the past, you might not look forward to visits to the dentist. Our hygienists are always willing to talk you through any cleaning or procedure if you are nervous. We know how important it is for you to have good oral health and we will ensure you are comfortable the entire time you are in our office.

Difference Between Checkups and Cleanings

When you come in twice a year to the dentist, you will have a checkup and a cleaning. During one of the appointments, you will also have x-rays so the dentist can see the roots of your teeth. Checkups are meant to prevent tooth decay, save you money from needing dental procedures later on, and help the dentist diagnose any problems you might have in your mouth or body.

Cleanings are meant to get rid of stains, leave your teeth feeling fresh, and make your tooth enamel stronger. With a comprehensive cleaning twice a year, you can avoid getting more serious problems later down the road.

In Between Visits

While the dentist can help you with cleanings and exams during your bi-annual visits, you still need to do your part at home. When you are taking care of your mouth at home you will be able to spend less money in the future because you most likely will have fewer cavities and other oral issues.

Here are some of the things you can do at home to protect your mouth from germs and oral health issues:

  • Use a fluoride mouthwash
  • Make sure not to miss your dental cleaning appointments
  • Eat healthily and avoid too much sugar
  • Quit smoking
  • Try not to use tobacco products
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss once a day

Getting into new habits might seem like a pain, but you will find that once you start a routine of brushing and flossing daily, it will be easy to keep up with in the future.

Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

A dental cleaning does more than just make your teeth look nice. While having fresh breath and clean teeth is part of the fun, you can also rid your mouth of tartar, plaque, and bacteria. Even if you are brushing and flossing regularly, professional dental cleaning is necessary because it can remove more bacteria buildup than your toothbrush at home can.

Hygienists at the dental office have special tools that allow them to remove tartar and plaque deposits. They will also floss between the teeth including in areas that might be hard for you to reach. They will finish the cleaning by polishing the teeth and removing stains. If you have gingivitis or any other signs of gum disease, the hygienist might suggest a scaling procedure. This means they will remove bacteria and other plaque deposits from the gums.

When you are getting regular tooth cleanings, you are able to prevent tooth loss because you will experience fewer cavities. Not only do teeth cleanings help your mouth but they also help your overall body health. Regular cleanings reduce the risk of many other health issues like heart disease, lung infections, diabetes, and strokes.

Save You Money

While paying to see the dentist twice a year might seem like a lot of money, doing regular exams and cleanings is cheaper than paying for root canals, fillings, and other issues that might arise if you do not get your teeth cleaned regularly.

Many dentist offices also have special plans for those that might not have dental insurance. You might have a yearly plan where you pay a certain amount of money. You can also be put on a monthly plan where you make payments for services you have already received. This allows even those that do not have dental insurance to be able to have regular dental cleanings.

Cleanings and Exams at Times Square Dental

If you are in need of regular cleaning or exam, we are happy to help you. You can give us a call today and we can make you an appointment with one of the dental hygienists. We can also tell you more about all our cosmetic and restorative dentistry services. Even if you haven’t had a cleaning in a long time, we are here to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and ready to shine.